Email Marketing Mastery





Master Email Marketing in just 1 day!  Start getting more sends, opens, click-thoughs and sales!

What it includes:

  • 60-Page NinjaEmails Email Mastery Guide (UP: $49)
  • 40-Slide Email Marketing Mastery PPT
  • Top 5 Email Marketing Infographics

What the email mastery guide covers:

This is a comprehensive training program on how to build a strong relationship with your list, and actually make more sales from your email campaigns.

  • How to get your subscribers to know, like and trust you
  • What you need to do for them to actually look forward to receiving your emails every single day (even sales emails)
  • One easy way to set yourself apart from the rest of your competition
  • The exact reason why most people don't get any results with email marketing (are you currently doing this right now?)
  • The best types of headlines that actually get your emails opened
  • How to get subscribers to not just open your emails but actually click on your links as well
  • The secret to writing sales emails that your subscribers will actually look forward to receiving
  • How to properly format your emails for best results
  • How often you should be mailing your list
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