No Limit!

There is no limit to daily outgoing emails. Do you know Gmail limits 500 outgoing emails daily, Hotmail limits 300 emails daily and yahoo limits 500 outgoing emails for a day but with us, there is absolutely no limit to the number of outgoing emails. Reach all your potential customers at once with a single click.

No Wait! 24 hours Rapid Launch

All you have to do is to choose our email sending add-on service after purchasing the email list. There is no need to look for email marketing software, comparing, using for a trial period and uploading long email lists on multiple software that can take days and even weeks. Once we have your complete details, we can launch your campaign within 24 hours.

No Learning Curve

With us, you can get straight to the business as there is no learning curve involved. With other email marketing software, even the simplest ones that are very rare needs a lot of time to have a complete grasp on their functionality like how to upload your contact list and figuring out how to create your first email. With Ninja Emails, you just have to sit back and get the reports within 3 days of the start of your email marketing campaign.

No More Complex Reports

We make sure to provide our clients with easy to understand simple reports within days of an email campaign. You can easily and quickly learn about your audience based on the detailed reports and can evolve for the next campaign.

No Suspension or Account Deactivation Notices

Most email software provider like MailChimp will happily block or suspend your account if you use a purchased list on their platform.


1). Email Layout
We help to create a simple email campaign using the text and images you provide.

2. Email Sending
We help you to send the emails out. You can select either (A) consumer list or (B) corporate list for the country that you wish to carry out the email blast to.

Do note that you will not receive a copy of the email list. We will just be sending it on your behalf to this list.

3. Email Reporting
3 Days after sending your email, we will send you a report of the number of successful sends, open rate and click through rate of your email marketing campaign

Why is Email Marketing the Top Marketing Channel for Marketers 10 Years in a Row?

Email has the highest usage rate in almost all developed countries.

1. Higher Return on Investment

For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in returns on investment (ROI) and gives digital marketers the broadest reach of all the channels that is available to them.[Direct Marketing Association 2015]

2. Email Marketing has the largest reach in the digital World.

For sensing, while you have heard that Facebook has over 1 billion active users and Twitter boasting 255 million, it’s tempting to believe that social media is bigger than email and the most effective way to reach out to new customers. While these numbers are large, you should bear in mind though not widely mentioned, the total number of worldwide email accounts was 3.9 billion in 2013, and projected to reach 4.9 billion by 2017 [Radicati 2013-2017 ]

3. Email Marketing delivers your message.

90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, whereas for Facebook, only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their News Feed. This is because Facebook is increasingly limiting the ability of brands posting ability onto consumers’ News Feed, in an attempt to drive brands towards their paid advertising options to drive revenue. In fact, Forrester recommends ” If you have to choose between adding a subscriber to you email list or gaining a new Facebook fan, go for email marketing every time.” [Forrester 2014]

4. Email Marketing delivers higher conversion rates.

The average click through rate for an email campaign is around 3% whereas the average click through rate of a tweet is around 0.5%. This means that you are 6x more likely to have a potential customer clicking on your website via an email campaign as oppose to from Twitter. The main reason is people on social networks are really in there for friends and you are a distraction. In addition, around 4.2% of visitors purchase something from email marketing as compared to 2.5% of visitors from search engines and 0.6% from Facebook and Twitter. [Monetate 2012]

5. Consumers prefer promotional content via Emails.

For many consumers and probably even yourself, social networks are private communication channels. Research has shown that 72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional content through email marketing, compared to 17% who prefer via social media channels. [Marketing Sherpa 2013]

Is Email Marketing considered Spamming?

Email marketing is only considered spamming when it is not requested or unsolicited. Responsible email marketing is when you have prior permission or approval to do so. You will need this permission in the form of an owner’s opt in onto your list.

If you have don’t have this permission then you may be accused of sending spam. The consequences are that

1. Your ISP may terminate your email address if you are sending using their server.

2. International Organizations like Spamhaus may also blacklist you. Spamhaus data is today used by the majority of the Internet’s ISPs, email service providers, corporations, universities, governments and military networks. They may in turn blacklist you as well.

3. Increasingly lower deliver-ability. The more you spam, the more consumers will start to flag your email as spam. When this happens, your ability to deliver emails to people inboxes will increasingly be harder.In Asia, there are spam laws. Legislation in the form of the Spam Control Act (Cap. 311A) has been put in place since June 2007 to control e-mail and mobile spam in Asia.At Ninja Emails, we have a zero-tolerance spam policy and only send campaigns to either opt-in lists of your customers when you engage us for email blast campaigns or to our own opt-in lists of consumers.