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Here are 14 secret weapons that you can use to help increase your email click through rates and reduce your bounce rates

Which metric is super important for your email campaign? Well, if you said open rates, you’re 100% on track. And let me ask you: what could be the second most important metric? The answer is quite simple. It’s the click-through-rate (or CTR for short) of your email. You see, you may always get a stunning […]

The amazing email copy writing secrets of a successful marketer

Email marketing has evolved to become one of the most cost-effective types of direct marketing. It is fast and cheap, but the most important thing is it has opened a secret door for marketers to keep track on their customer’s buying behavior in a way that wasn’t possible before. Today, many new organizations are using fancy […]

How to market with a purchased list all year long – Part 1

According to a recent research, it was discovered that any business owners needs at least 3,000 targeted audiences on their email list to send their profits through the roof, almost overnight. However, according to the same research, it was also quite heartbreaking to find that almost 99% of independent agencies in the world don’t have […]

How to market with a purchased list all year long – Part 2

If you’re running a small business, you will enter into shady areas of the marketing sphere, sometimes, such as using purchased lists. Whenever you’re marketing to a group of people who didn’t “opt-in” to your email list, the general feelings towards buying and using purchased list is often: Unsubscribe Spam Waste of time, energy, and […]