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Discover the Disadvantages and Advantages of Email Marketing

      Email marketing is a tool. Just like any tool, it can be used to benefit you or if used wrongly, may end up ruining your business. The difference between using an axe to chop a tree and using the same axe to accidentally chop of your arm is knowledge and application. Veteran […]

Should I Choose Aweber or GetResponse?

      There are several autoresponder services on the market such as Aweber, MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, Office AutoPilot, etc. Despite such variety, 2 major contenders stand at the top of the heap. Aweber and GetResponse. They are the Stallone and Schwarzenegger of autoresponders. Anybody and everybody who gets into email marketing most often […]

Should You Use the Churn and Burn Method?

      The churn and burn method is used to describe building your list quickly and sending affiliate offer after offer to the people on your list. There are only 3 things that can happen here. Either the subscriber buys what you’re recommending or they ignore your recommendation. The third scenario is that they […]