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How Cleaning Your Email List can Drop Your Bounce Rate?

Bounce messages are part of the email marketing world. Many times the reasons are beyond control and other times your emails or lists are to be blamed. This is one of the golden principles of email marketing that must be followed in all cases, bounce rates should be as low as possible. Bounce rate is […]

Buying, Renting or Building an Email List! The In-Depth Analysis

Email list is a central part of your email marketing campaign. This list is the main connection between your campaign and its success. And if you are familiar with email marketing you must know that these email lists can be bought, rented or even built by yourself if you have the proper channel to do […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Email Marketing

New to email marketing? We have got everything you need to know to avoid common rookie mistakes in this field. In fact, this is not unique to newbies, even experienced marketers who are indulging in email marketing can learn a thing or two. Small mistakes can cause big problems in the long run. If you […]