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7 Things to Remember When Publishing an E-Newsletter

Keep your ‘subject line’ short (only 5-7 words, or 50-60 characters) and dynamic, with most of your important words in the beginning. Do not try to sell, otherwise you will be perceived as ‘spam’ by your readers. On average, a person spends 51 seconds reading a newsletter. Keep your content highly scannable with brief blurbs, […]

The 7 Best Email Subject Line Styles to BOOST Your Open Rates by 47%

Email subject lines that threaten scarcity (with limited time offers) are performing really well. MailChimp recently conducted a study and found that emails with short and descriptive subject lines performed better than long and cheesy ones. Controversy not only grabs attention but also helps make a sale. There must be several hundred emails in your […]

Innovative Strategies to Spike Revenue through Email Marketing

With the latest innovations in the business world, competition seems to be much stiffer than ever before. Business owners, new and even established ones, are trying to find effective and efficient marketing schemes to build a powerful brand name and ultimately rev up in terms of gains and profit. They have ventured in a lot […]