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EMAIL LIST GUIDE: How to buy, rent, or build your email list instantly

If you want to promote an upcoming web seminar, a website, or your products, it all begins with an email list. You might be thinking about renting, buying or even building an email list. But what are the costs for each option, and which option is the most appropriate for your business? Don’t worry! This […]

21 Powerful and Catchy Marketing Words & Phrases that Sell

Use marketing word such as “now” and “instant” to create a sense of urgency among your subscribers and compel them to act immediately. Offer “free” word in your email content because everyone loves free things. Use the phrase “cost-effective” in the subject line to highlight monetary savings for your subscribers Words are powerful – they […]

7 Email Marketing Mistakes That Will Cost You Fortune

Sending emails without testing. Using over-hyped subject line. Using “noreply” in the sender’s email address or from name. Sending email that offers no value. Focusing on the products or business, not on the customer. Not optimizing emails for mobiles. There are all kinds of tips and tricks to become successful at email marketing on the […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Email Marketing

New to email marketing? We have got everything you need to know to avoid common rookie mistakes in this field. In fact, this is not unique to newbies, even experienced marketers who are indulging in email marketing can learn a thing or two. Small mistakes can cause big problems in the long run. If you […]

47 Calls to Action Phrases That Will Sell & 9 That Will Repel

Whenever your subscribers open your email, they look for these things – the first line of your message, the picture, and the call-to-action. This is why using a clear and strong call-to-action, or CTA, is so vital to get more people to open, read, and click-through to your landing pages on your website/blog. It is […]