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5 Best Autoresponder Examples Every Retailers Should Use

The “Bait and Hook” Method The “Surprise and Delight” Method The “Ground and Pound” Method The “Countdown” Method The “Content and Engagement” Method Are you still looking for best autoresponder examples for your online business? If you are running your business, chances are you are very busy – i.e. delegating tasks to your staffs, networking […]

7 Types of Welcome Emails to Send Immediately

Send a warm and friendly greeting Inform them what to expect Highlight all the benefits and rewards they will get Offer discounts or gifts Highlight your product or service using catchy graphics Get mobile friendly Include strong, clear, and concise call to action Bonus Idea: Include your social media sites Email is definitely one of […]

Innovative Strategies to Spike Revenue through Email Marketing

With the latest innovations in the business world, competition seems to be much stiffer than ever before. Business owners, new and even established ones, are trying to find effective and efficient marketing schemes to build a powerful brand name and ultimately rev up in terms of gains and profit. They have ventured in a lot […]