How to clean your email lists

Email lists decline by 20–30% every year. An email list that was built up a year ago, may have a significant portion of invalid email addresses. If you are using an email marketing software such as mailchimp or active campaign, this may flag up its spam filters and cause your account to be suspended.

As such, it is important to have your email list regularly cleaned or scrubbed.


What is email list cleaning?

Email list cleaning is removing hard bounces or invalid contacts from your email list.


How do I clean my email list?

Each time you send out an email campaign via your email marketing provider (e.g. mailchimp), there would be a send report which lists down the hard bounces (or invalid emails).

If you have list which you have not used for a long time, it would be better to use a list cleaning provider or an email validation tool.

These providers or tools help clean your email list by detecting invalid or spam emails, without emailing your contacts in the process of validation. This means that you have a ready , cleaned list that is ready for your next email campaign, without risk of having your email marketing account suspended.



One of the most cost effective email validation tools that we are using is Debounce. It is fast, simple and accurate.
To start cleaning your list, visit debounce here.

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