Top Five Digital Marketing Tools You Should Look Out For In 2014

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Tools like case studies, emails, newsletters and informative videos have been and are still popular in marketing today. However with the growth of technology more tools have come up to make e-commerce a success.  These digital marketing tools will play a vital role in the success of e-commerce.  It is therefore the way go when promoting your business and brand. Check out the following top five digital marketing tools that you need to look out for in 2014.


1. Hashtags: Rapidly increasing in popularity

Hashtags have become very popular these days and are a principal tool in searching content related to a specific topic. It is commonly used in social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Instagram among others. Due to its rapid growth and popularity, Google has also improved its visibility in its search engine.

2. Cellular Marketing: Growing swiftly

Today, over 70% of the population uses smart phones with the intention of social networking. Firms are rapidly coming up with mobile websites as consumers turn towards iPhones and smart phones. This is because business endorsement through these mobile devices is more convenient and cost effective compared to the conventional means of advertising such as television adverts. It also makes it easier for the marketers to keep in pace with the evolving market.

3. Social Media Sites: Dominating the Web

Besides the conventional Facebook and Twitter, new social networking sites such as Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram have cropped up. These sites have become popular platforms where people share and learn new things. Businesses can now communicate with their prospects through images and videos. The greatest benefit of social networking websites is that they are a cheap and convenient mode of advertising.

4. Blogging: Compels Branding.

Recent research indicates that approximately 90% of businesses that indulge in blogging on a regular trend are often successful in pulling new prospects. Many firms have adopted the technique of creating healthy relationships with their potential customers by producing relevant online content which includes informative and authentic updates on the industry. This is interesting to the consumers and thereby assists the firm to gain loyalty among their target consumers.

5. Visual content: Phenomenal Popularity

Human beings have been found out to be visual creatures with around 70% sensory receptors in their eyes and with 50% of their brain reserved for visual processing. Effective digital marketing will therefore go beyond text and will also integrate pictures, graphics and other visual elements that will captivate the targeted audience.

6. Branded and Custom Content Marketing: Taking the Centre Stage

In digital marketing, content has always been and still is the King. It is the heart of the marketing campaign. It is therefore believed that custom content is the future for digital marketing. Respondents to a survey carried out by Inbound Marketing Agents confirmed that custom content brings in more prospects and positive yields. Large brands will be adopting custom content as a way of reaching out and interacting with their customers. Also creating real-time content can massively benefit the businesses.