Top 7 Landing Page Software (Stand-alone)

Landing Page Software

1. HubSpot


HubSpot is a one-stop shop for inbound marketing, so there’s a lot more included in the price than just a few landing pages. However, the great thing about Hubspot landing pages is that you can personalize them. This means that you can show a different page to different groups of people… perhaps you have distinctive targets and would like to customize the message shown to each group.

The drag and drop format of the builder enables you to create fantastic pages without any real coding knowledge and the built in analytics feature allows you to see exactly where your pages are going wrong… or right!

HubSpot is incredibly easy to use – it’s simple a case of inputting information and then playing with it to get it perfect. However, it is quite ‘needy’… HubSpot does require a decent amount of information from you to get started.

This software is ideal for the beginner landing page builder, yet it does have some limitations in design, so if you’re looking for an advanced, more complex landing page, it might not be the best choice.

As HubSpot combines many different features, such as SEO optimization, analytics and email, it can get very expensive at $200 a month just for the basic package.


2. Instapage


Instapage is one of the most commonly recommended landing page builders for beginners. It allows you to create a page easily and incredibly fast and its simplicity is what makes it so easy to use. The limited features, however, can be a con for those looking for a wide range of options with their pages.

The drag and drop builder is wildly easy to use and the added capability of having your page work in conjunction with MailChimp, AWeber and others is a critical feature.

The pricing system with Instapage is a little different to the norm. You can create an initial page for free, and have up to 100 visitors. After that point you pay an extra fee for additional pages, and $.002 per visitor, ($2 per 1000). This system works great for smaller businesses, but it is recommended that you keep an eye on it!

Instapage also has a great support system and offers video tutorials as well as direct contact support and an extremely useful blog. It doesn’t, however, have a phone support line and so you will need to rely on email for any issues or queries.


3. UnBounce


Unbounce is a ‘drag and drop’ landing page creation tool that allows you to build stunning pages without any HTML knowledge.

It is great for incorporating other programs such as Google Analytics, AWeber and MailChimp and many others. It also allows you to incorporate your landing page into your WordPress site or blog.

Unbounce also has a great support system for any queries or issues you might run across and boasts a 98% satisfaction rate.

You can start a 30 day free trial with Unbounce, but you will need to enter your credit card details to sign up so be aware of that when your trial comes to an end. Beyond that point, you’re looking at paying $49 a month for the basic package, which is limited in its features.

There are some add-ons that you can complement your package with, such as custom domains and sub-accounts, which are all reasonably priced.

The aesthetic options are incredibly well done… but somewhat limited. They are, however, completely customizable which gives you a great level of control.


4. Lander


Lander allows you to build great landing pages and test them with a variety of variables to find the best options for design and functionality.

With a beautiful, (yet again, somewhat limited) selection of landing pages, you have an excellent basis to choose from, and then use their customization tools to make it your own.

One of the key features of lander is its free package. The limitations of this package include that you’re allowed only 500 visitors, and only certain landing page layouts; but it does enable you to get a really good feel for the product. Beyond that, the prices are fairly reasonable with the most basic package starting at only $25 a month.

Perhaps the biggest downfall of Lander is its lack of support. Without a knowledgebase and with general support difficult to reach, Lander is probably better for the more resourceful user.


5. KickOfflabs


KickOffLabs’ main selling point is its focus on lead generation and conversions. You can easily create efficient and attractive squeeze pages and online forms and their social referral system boasts a 25% lead increase.

The email and newsletter builders also make keeping in touch with your clients very easy and are a terrific addition to the package.

As with most landing page builders, you can take advantage of the simple ‘no coding required’ capabilities to create your page using a prebuilt template. With the pricier packages, you can edit some HTML if you want to. With KickOffLabs, the more expensive the package, the more templates are available.

KickOffLabs, however, doesn’t offer a straight-forward ‘drag and drop’ facility so can be a little trickier for those who are new to landing page creation.

There is a One-Page free plan, and the basic package starts at $29 a month.


6. PageWiz


With professional looking templates, PageWiz allows you to create visually stunning landing pages with easy-to-use drag and drop software.

Pagewiz also enables you to seamlessly incorporate both HTML and Flash for those who are inclined to do so, yet at the same time not making anything more complicated for those without this advanced knowledge.

Along with most landing page builders, you are given the option of a free trial, which lasts 30 days – plenty enough time to learn the ins and outs. The basic package then runs at $25 a month. This package has a great deal of features and is a fantastic price.

While PageWiz has a good support program, it is lacking in training videos and educational material.




7. LeadPages


LeadPages has one of the most diverse ranges of landing page templates available and is extremely fast and easy to use. According to LeadPages, their pages also have some of the fastest load-times. Its main claim to fame is that the templates are all based on the highest-converting landing pages on the market, and you can sort the templates based on which are converting highest for their other customers.

Some of the landing page templates available include those for opt-in, sales, webinar registration, video, Google Hangouts, podcasts, launch, funnels, sold-out, upsell, thank-you and more.

Another unique feature of LeadPages is that you can publish your page to a choice of locations. You can host your page on their server, use a plugin to publish it to your WordPress site, publish it to a Facebook Page tab, or just download the html to put it on your own server.

As with most of these types of online page-creation wizards, LeadPages comes with a monthly fee, starting at $37/month for the basic and $67 for the Pro. However, the Pro is the only one that has A/B split testing options, the ability to upload a custom template, and fast support..

Finally, while the different elements of each template are superbly easy to edit and/or hide, you’ll need to be happy with the layout itself.