Top 4 Facebook Landing Page Creator Software

Facebook Landing Page Tools

1. Shortstack – Facebook App


Shortstack has become a favorite for many small businesses who use Facebook to promote. It has a massively diverse template library to start from which gives you the opportunity to create something truly unique. The templates, however, are not well organized and lack a good categorization feature.

Their widget drag-and-drop system is conveniently easy to use and enables you to integrate many different features. The advanced user can also input HTML, Flash and use iFrames.

The analytics available are easy to follow and very concise. You do, however, need a more advanced package for this feature.

The support available is also good and you can find a great deal of tutorials and videos to help you get started.

Shortstack offers a free package, but it is limited to 2000 fans. For those interested in creating a bigger fanbase, the packages start from $25 a month.

2. Pagemodo – Facebook App


Pagemodo is a Facebook app that allows you to create professional looking business Facebook pages. With a variety of different themes to choose from, you can quickly build a stunning page to showcase your product, promotions or contests. However, design options are limited and the lack of ability to create something unique may well make the app less than perfect for some users.

Pagemodo’s support is rather limited with no video tutorials and phone and email support only for customers of the pro and agency packages. You can sign up for free and the basic package that allows for more tabs is only $6.25 a month.

Upgrading allows users to add contest and sweepstake pages, create Like gates to only allow those who have liked the page to view content and also offers some premium design templates.

Pagemodo is a great app for those looking to take advantage of the massive audience that Facebook has in a stylish and effective way.


3. Heyo – Facebook App


Heyo, (Formerly Lujure) uses the same principles as most other page builders – you select a template and drag-and-drop the required elements to where they’re needed. You create alternate versions of your pages for both ‘Liked’ and ‘Not Liked’ visitors to offer specific content to fans, thus encouraging those Like clicks.

With Heyo, it’s relatively easy to add video, music, maps, Twitter or RSS feeds using their widgets system. However, the ‘resize photo’ ability is not great and many users find that having some knowledge of Photoshop has helped them when using this app.

You can sign up right away for a 7-day free trial, and after that packages start from $25 a month. The basic package is somewhat limited, however, and the $50 package is probably the most popular.

Heyo has been credited as having great support, both electronically and via telephone, but it does lack in tutorials.


4. Ask Alvin Sales CRM

Ask Alvin Sales CRM is more of an email marketing and marketing automation software, rather than a Facebook App and contest builder.

It features a easy to use form builder that you can use to create your lead capture forms. Ask Alvin Sales CRM allows you to deploy the form created to any Facebook Page that you administer in just seconds. All data captured within the forms are automatically synced with the Ask Alvin Sales CRM lists. The software allows for custom automation of ebook delivery or any follow-up emails to be sent to the prospect.

Pros –
– Works seamlessly with Facebook
– Allows for follow-up lead nurturing via email
– Syncs directly with email marketing platform

Cons –
– It is not a dedicated contest builder. You can’t create gallery themed photo contests or video contests with voting.

So which one of the listed Facebook Landing Page Creator Software looks best for your business? Let us know in the comments below.