Tips to Getting Better Email Open Rates




There is absolutely no point building a list in the thousands if the majority of your list can’t give two hoots about opening your emails. This is not an imaginary problem. There are many solo ad sellers who have thousands of subscribers on their list but none of them are opening the emails from the sellers.


They are “numb”. That’s the best way to put it. The subscribers receive so many worthless emails from the solo ad seller that they just automatically delete the emails or they mark it as spam and never bother about it again.

The most important tip to getting better email open rates is to have a respectful relationship with your subscriber. Do not spam them with affiliate offers daily just to make sales. Make them wait for your emails and not sigh every day when they open their inbox and see a ton of emails from you.

If the relationship is good and you offer value often, the subscriber will open your emails just in case they miss out on something good.

Make your subject lines interesting. The email subject line must grab their attention. For example, if your email has a link to a traffic generation report, don’t have a subject line like, “Traffic Generation Report”… Instead, have one like, “4 Highly Effective Ways of Building Traffic!”

Spice it up. Hype it a little. As long as what you’re providing is good, a little hype is ok.

Another tip you must follow is to segregate your list. Make sure anybody who buys a product from you gets taken out of the free list and moves to your buyers list. The hard truth is that the majority of people who join your list will be freebie seekers.

The nature of freebie seekers is to get and hoard as much information as possible and never take action on any of it. Their hoarding is activity in their mind.

An excellent practice will be to have about 7 months of emails in your autoresponder. If the subscriber does not buy anything from you within these 7 months, delete them. They’re never going to buy anything from you.

The reason you should do this is because the more subscribers you have, the more your autoresponder service is going to charge you. Furthermore, the freebie seekers will not bother opening emails that hint that they might have to buy something.

Another tip worth bearing in mind is that your personality needs to shine through your emails. You need to separate yourself from the herd. Most of your subscribers will be on several marketers’ lists and will be receiving emails daily.

What makes you different from the rest? Are you more interesting? Knowledgeable? Offer lots of value? Entertaining?

Whatever the case may be, you must stand out. If you’re an expert at ranking keywords, like Becker from, and you offer a tip to your subscribers every now and then, you can bet that a huge chunk of them will open your emails because you are an expert on the subject.

Once again, it’s all about how you project yourself and how you treat your subscribers. Be good at what you do, offer value, don’t spam the daylights out of your subscribers, remove the free loaders after a preset time and your email open rates will always be high.

It’s that simple.