The Shockingly Best Time to Send Your Email Newsletters

  • According to 2012 Experian Email Marketing Benchmark study, many recipients are astoundingly active during late night (unique open rates averaged 21.7% between 8pm to 11:59pm and 17.6% between 12am to 4am).
  • Revenues/ email are highest in the 8 to the 11:59pm
  • Emails sent on Mondays had the highest ROI while emails sent on Fridays had a higher click through rate.

When is the best time to send your e-newsletter?

Many email marketers will tell you to send e-newsletter from Tuesday through Thursday morning, between 8 and 10 am, as people tend to open their emails in the mornings, but times are changing…

The current email marketing trends are actually shifting open rates.

According to 2012 Experian Email Marketing Benchmark study, many recipients are astoundingly active during the late night. (Unique open rates averaged 21.7% between 8pm to 11:59pm and 17.6% between 12am to 4am.)

It was also found that this late night user was more likely to click through, with open rates of 4.2% and 3.2% respectively.

Revenues per email were also highest in the 8pm to the 11:59pm group.

According to 2015 Experian’s email marketing benchmark release, 54% of emails were opened on a mobile device. Mobile activity is highest between 9pm to 12am, according to 2014 ExactTarget mobile behavior report.

Which day of the week is the best to send an email?

Emails sent on Mondays had the highest ROI. However, emails sent on Fridays had a higher click through rate.

According to the study, Saturday and Sunday had the lowest volume rates, but also had the highest open and click-through rates. Although weekends were not the best time to send emails, those who opened were much more likely to become engaged with it and click through and/or purchase.

The next time you send out your email, experiment and send out your emails at an unusual time to see if it yields better results for you. For example, try sending your emails at 6pm, or 11pm, or on the weekend, and see what happens.


Less promotional emails are sent on the weekends. For some businesses, this has created a good opportunity to make great profits, as there very is less competition in the inbox.

According to the same Experian’s study, recipients responded favorable to promotional emails received on the weekends – when the send volume was the least. The open rate for Saturday and Sunday were 17.8%, which was also the highest percentages for the week.

This finding was supported by Harland Clarke study.

26.9% of emails were sent on Wednesdays, the recipients only viewed 15.6% of those emails. On the other hand, on Saturday, only 5.5% of emails were sent, but the recipients viewed 32.5% of them.

Before you send out your email on Saturday and Sunday only, we highly recommend that you test it first. Remember, the open rates for these days the lowest.

Do this: First, split your mailing list in half, then send your email to the first group on, let’s say, Sunday, and then send the same email to the second group on Monday or Tuesday. Change days few more times to find the best time to send your newsletter.

Mobile Makes a Huge Difference

The same study conducted by Experian that we told you about earlier also found that not only 54% of all emails were opened on a mobile device, but also, this percentage is growing by 2% between June and September 2015.

Before you send out your emails on mobile devices, understand that mobile click-through rates are the lowest. So, make sure your call to action is direct and clear, and if there are links, make sure they are prominently displayed and easy to click, no matter when you are sending your emails.

Another study conducted by Harland Clarke also found that the open rates also depended on what mobile devices the recipients were using. For example, tablet users were more likely to open emails outside of their standard work hours (from 8am to 5pm). On the other hand, desktop users were more likely to open emails during normal business hours.

The same study found that tablet users were most active from 8 to 9pm while Smartphone and desktop users were checking emails between 3 to 4pm.

Remember, if your customers cannot read emails properly on their mobile devices, very few of them will most likely interact with them, which will eventually affect your future campaigns.

Litmus was able to increase their click-through rate by 130% just by testing a responsive versus non-responsive email design.

Think about your audience when sending out your next email. To begin with, split your email list in half and send an email to the first half in the morning (during work hours), and send the same email to the other half at 7 or 8pm. Jot down any differences you notice. Oh, and yes, make sure your emails and landing pages are mobile-friendly.

Maybe the best time is not the problem at all…

If you have been experiencing a drop in your open rates, maybe other things are affecting to its decline. Here are few email marketing tactics you can apply to improve your open and click through rates:

  1. Make sure you test your email before sending it out. Check to see if it displays properly in multiple browsers – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera – and email service providers. Save time and learn how to do this by looking at how Email on Acid do it. (Also, read our post on 7 Things to Remember When Publishing an E-newsletter.)
  2. Check and validate your email list. Is it very old? Are there emails that need to be removed? How do you build over 1,000 subscribers? Here are few useful tips for effective, fast, and organic list growth: How to Get 1,000 New Subscribers List in 30 Days.
  3. Are you working on your subject line? The subject line is one brief window of opportunity for you to get your customers/subscribers open your email. Make sure you know and follow the best practices when creating subject lines for your e-newsletter. (Check out our post on The 7 Best Email Subject Line Styles to BOOST Your Open Rates by 47%.)
  4. Are you sending too many emails? Make sure to play it cool and segment your list, rather than bombarding your subscribers with unsolicited emails.

Did you finally figure out the best time to send email?

As you already saw, there is no right time to send an e-newsletter. If you want to see quick improvements, start experimenting right away by splitting your email list and send emails to see what times your recipients respond to best.

Over to you: What is the best time for you to send emails? Share with us in the comment box below!