The 7 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rates

tipsEmail marketing can be defined as a form of internet marketing that involves content distribution. It is used to deliver information about your services or products to your email subscribers. However, blasting emails is not the effective way of marketing. It is necessary to know the elements that are to be incorporated in the emails in order to the make the strategy more effective. In this way you will be able to boost the conversion rates.

Tips To Boost Your Conversion RatesTips To Boost Your Conversion Rates

The conversion rate in regard to the email marketing is defined as the number of your subscribers who open the messages and then click on the call-to-action, compared to number of subscribers that open your email and will do nothing. For instance, if you have 100 subscribers that open your email and only 2 clicks to your call-to-action link, then your conversion rate is 2%. The following are the tips to increase the conversion rates:


It is important to note that your email style matters a lot and it is what offers a better conversion. Your style should be conversational. This type of style opens dialogue and gives the reader the hints to keep reading the content and know why he or she should say yes to the call-to-action. The other advantage of this style is that it does not appear like a sales pitch. The content appears like it is giving a solution to the subscriber’s problem.

How you arrange the words

You should know the way you use the words in your email can make or even break a deal. Recent studies reveal that even the slightest change in the copy or tone can result in significant benefits. There you should avoid using words like buy, sign up, or open as they instill negative attitude to the reader. It is advisable to use words such as get access or download your free copy.

Avoid multiple call-to-actions

You should keep the email copy as simple as possible but at the same time providing adequate information to the reader. Therefore, you need to have only a well labeled call-to-action.


Images are very important in email marketing. However, many internet marketers misuse the emails. Therefore, they should be positioned properly and sized. There is no reason why the image should be the focal point as it will distract the reader from the things you want him to read.

Easy reading and clarity

You should keep your email simple, easy to read and focused. Effectively and gently lead the reader to your call-to-action. You should let your subscriber know what he or expects after clicking the link. You should never assume this.

Value your prospect

You should try to understand and feel what your prospect is feeling. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the subscribers. This will help you address the needs, wants or questions. This is inclusive of the subject line. You should avoid making it sales pitch; rather let it be personal as possible.


You should give your readers a great product that is worth their effort and time. The prospect should consider the product or service you are giving is better than what you are giving him or her.