Targeted Email Marketing-Include A Colon In The Middle Of Keyword And Explanatory Phrases

hthThe best way to promote your email marketing open rates is to advance your subject line. You should make it more relevant so that more customers will open your email. Since you have limited number of characters you put in the subject line. The best way to improve their relevance is to start with the keywords followed by other explanatory statements separated by a colon.

Customers read your subject line from left to right. Soyour aim is to capture the attention of busy readers with the first few words of your subject line. The colon separates the keywords from explanatory statements. For example if I take the subject of this article. I write email marketing articles as source of living. My target audiences are managers who utilize email marketing to sell their goods and services. When these guys go to the internet they type the following keywords.

  • Targeted email marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Email marketing course
  • Email campaign campaign

All these words have email marketing as a common phrase. To make my email marketing title more relevant to the above groups ‘the word email marketing” should be at the start of each subject line and not at the end or in the middle. The next most important phrases should come closer to keyword.

For instance, if you are offering training on email marketing to real estate agents, you wouldn’t say: “Register for a Training of Real Estate Agents on Email Marketing.” This puts the keywords at the end of the subject line. Instead, you would say, “Email Marketing Training for Real Estate Agents: Register Now.”