Should You Use the Churn and Burn Method?




The churn and burn method is used to describe building your list quickly and sending affiliate offer after offer to the people on your list. There are only 3 things that can happen here. Either the subscriber buys what you’re recommending or they ignore your recommendation.

The third scenario is that they get so sick of your incessant offers that they unsubscribe from your list.

That is why it’s known as churn and burn. Because you will have to keep building your list due to the high rate of unsubscribes. There are only so many offers you can send before the subscriber loses patience.

The question now is… Should you practice this method?

It all depends. What is the nature of your business? Are you a solo ad seller? Are you a product creator? What niche are you in? How good are your emails?

There are many factors that affect the way your list responds. If you’re in the make money online (MMO) niche, generally, your subscribers will be on many other lists as well. You must bear in mind that they will be receiving a ton of emails from other marketers too. So, it’s common for them to receive many emails from different affiliates promoting the same product.

There is chance they might get sick of receiving constant promotions that they unsubscribe from your list. That being said, subscribers in the MMO are usually more tolerant of promotional emails. If you try to send 4 emails daily to people in the home and garden niche or maybe fitness niche, your list is going to become very thin, very fast.

There is another point worth considering. This can apply to any niche, including MMO.

Treat people like people and not cash cows. Nowadays, marketers only have their eyes on the dollar and are willing to do anything to make a quick dollar. The people on your list joined it because they trust you and hope that you can help them.

Don’t abuse that trust and treat them as a cash cow. It is pretty common for product creators to build a buyers list. They then go on to sell solo ads to other marketers and bombard their list with offers from people who are in no way connected to the buyer. The products recommended may not even be related to what the buyer is interested in.

The churn and burn method may make money for many marketers but you must ask yourself, are you comfortable with it? Will you do it because others are saying that this is the way it should be done?

Or will you build a relationship with your list so that they trust you?

If you wish to be in business a long time, perhaps you should leave the churn and burn method to solo ad sellers. Build your list, give them useful and helpful information, offer a freebie now and again… and lastly, send a promotional email for a product you truly believe in.

Once your subscribers notice that you’re different from the rest, they will look forward to your emails and take notice whenever you do mention an offer that catches your eye. Your conversion rates will skyrocket and so will your sales. A win-win situation for all.