Should I Use Email Marketing?

THERE you are, managing several social media accounts to make your blog or website go viral.  If you don’t understand the word viral in marketing, you can click here and find out. Since you continued and didn’t click the link, the assumption is you know the importance of making your blog go viral.

How much time do you spend integrating the power of social media just to increase the stats of your site? If effort can be measured in power, how much horsepower do you consume in a month? Does it pay off?

Forget the first and second question and focus on the third one. If your answer is a two- letter, big and bold NO, then you should try using email marketing. Should you use it?


Yes, because there are lots of advantages of Email Marketing

I have dedicated a post about the advantage of using email marketing over the use social media; however, the post doesn’t encourage leaving your social media hanging.

Recognizing the importance of traditional marketing and putting a little effort here is the post’s main purpose.

Yes, because the rumor isn’t true

Email marketing is dead.
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What? Rumor? Yes, rumor has it that email marketing is already dead or at least, inside your grandma’s antique jewelry box.

There could have been so much RIPs in the the industry of email marketing if the rumor is true. Don’t get awestruck once I tell you that “revenue from email has increased proportionately by 28% in one year”, according to econsultancy.


For them, email remains the best digital channel for ROI (return on investment.)


Yes, because it gives traffic

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This photo explains pretty much how effective is email marketing  in acquiring customers and gaining more traffic.

Reading stats every end of the month can get give you the jitters, because you can learn whether your internet marketing scheme worked.

Having a nice and pretty good email contact list will give the most of your new venture in marketing, especially when your contact is your target customers.

TIP: You can convert your follower/ lockers/ connects in your social media accounts into an outrageously long list of contacts, that is if you have good social media accounts.






Should you use email marketing? DEFINITELY!