Seven Best Tracking Icons In Email Marketing.

Email remains one of the powerful, cost effective, and versatile channels in use for many marketers. Its best objective is the variety of goals that can be achieved through email, including sales, customer service and aftersales.

Tracking Icons In Email Marketing

Below is a summary of some or the most important emails tips that marketers should be aware of;

1. Open rates-this the most basic measurement of email success. Open rates simply show the number of recipients who open your email, its major setback is that it’s generally tracked using an impression pixel.

2. Click through rate-this icon is also a basic measure of email success, revealing the proportion of people who clicked on a link within an email.

3. Click-to-open rate-this metric is more useful than a standard click through rate as it shows the percentage of unique clicks compared to the number of unique opens.

4. Conversion rates-this informs one on how many people that clicked through your email that went on to achieve a certain goal. This does not mean sales; it can refer to any action related to your trailing this metrics over time you can get a good idea of the type of content and creative ideas that are required by your subscribers.

5. Price per mail sent-this tracks your actual email marketing. This is essential in tracking profitability of your earning when compared with expenses.

6. unsubscribe rate –it’s inevitable that email subscriber lists will decline overt time  as people  grow tired of your marketing messages and decide  to opt out  forever more, however the at which people opt is impacted  by the the frequency, quality and relevance of email marketing ,so it’s important to track to ensure your messages aren’t repelling to potential customers.

7. Bounce rates-this refer to the number of emails that failed to be delivered due to an invalid or non-existing address. This may not   pose a major problem, but in the eye of internet service provider a higher bounce rate is the hallmark of spammers therefore proper evaluation of an email address is essential to overcome this challenge.