Reasons Why Most Subscribers Lists Do Not Produce Profitable Results

wrrt“The money is in the Subscribers Lists”. No hesitation you’ve possibly heard that saying many times before and if you’re brand new to marketing products and services on the internet, inevitability I can tell you that it is absolutely true.

But the major misconception most people have about building a list of subscribers is that just having a list of people that you can access anytime you want will not mean that they will buy from you right away or at all.

The major problem that many marketers encounter when it comes to making money from their list is that they are not ready giving their subscribers any real value.

Misunderstanding what exactly the people on those lists really want is another big problem that plagues many people who build enormous lists of names and email addresses

So let’s talk about these two areas for a moment to see why this is the case.

In terms of the first issue of subscribers not buying right away if at all, has to do with understanding why the prospect subscribed to your list in the first place.

Did they subscribe because they had a strong interest in the topic of your free report or whatever it was that you gave away to inspire them to subscribe?

Or were they merely looking for more information in general?

The second situation that has many marketers scratching their heads as to why they are not able to generate any revenue from their lists is that of not taking the time to find out what the subscribers on their list want.

Although both of these situations sound alike, the difference is that one scenario has to do with the starting point of your traffic funnel and the other has to do with converting that traffic into profits after the person becomes a subscriber.

In both cases what needs to be done is a deeper survey as to who the individuals that make up your target audience are and what they are looking for.

If that deeper level of market survey is done before anything else the end result is that you will be able to produce a much more anticipated degree of profit because you left nothing to chance.

Diving deeper into the mind of your market will help you to locate with deadly correctness what the needs of your market are and therefore aid you to recognize or create solutions that will encourage your prospects to opt in to your list.