Proven Tactics for Creating Your Autoresponder Series

Creating an autoresponder series can be very powerful for your online marketing. One of the biggest stumbling blocks that business owners have with autoresponders is how to put their content together.

Here are some tips for Creating Your Autoresponder Series that will make things a whole lot easier…

Determine Your Goals

When you are trying to write an autoresponder series it helps if you understand what your goal is. Is it to make sales? Is it to introduce your subscribers to you and all your offerings? If you can narrow down your goals for each autoresponder series it will be easier to start writing the content.

Pick a Product of Focus

Each autoresponder series should concentrate on one product that you’re trying to sell. If you pick one product it will be a lot easier to create focused messages. You can then write a series such as “7 Tips For Losing Weight Fast”. Then send only one tip per day or week depending on how long you want the series to last.

There can be exceptions to this rule, but the more you focus, the more likely you’ll achieve the results you want.

Stay Single-Minded

Sometimes creating an autoresponder series, or any content at all, can become overwhelming because we want to cover too much. Stay single-minded on a micro topic with a specific goal for each series and it will be a lot easier to focus on coming up with short and to-the-point content for your autoresponder series.

Brainstorm Your Topics

Plan your series from beginning to end, to ensure you cover the topic from every angle needed. Simply set aside an hour or so to jot down ideas and flesh out how your series will work.

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

A call-to-action should be included in every single one of your autoresponder series emails. Don’t wait until the last one of the series. Your readers might not read every single email in the series and they need to be reminded of your offer. A targeted and focused call to action will be what makes your autoresponder series successful. Once you’ve delivered the meat of your content to them, end with a call to action that they can’t resist.

It’s Not the End

The most important thing to realize is when a subscriber comes to the end of a short (or long) autoresponder series, it shouldn’t be the end of the relationship. Otherwise, all that work you’ve done is lost. Ensure you continue to add messages to the series or set up your autoresponder software to move subscribers to another list once they complete a series.

Email marketing is an ongoing relationship, so keep things flowing with ongoing and useful communication.

The more you satisfy your subscribers’ cravings for quality information, the more likely they’re to respond to your call-to-action.