Promoting Your Autoresponder

So you’ve put together a great autoresponder series or are starting up a broadcast newsletter…but how do you get people on your list? How about Promoting Your Autoresponder?

Promotional Goodies for Your Autoresponder – The Freebie

Giving away something free in return for a subscription is nothing new, but we still do it because it still works. A freebie serves as an enticement, showcases you a provider of value and if you mix it with conversion strategies – it builds your customer list too.

You might give away:

  • A free report – A short enticing report that will solve a problem.
  • Ecourse – Create a series of message on a specific topic.
  • Software – Hire a developer to make some simple, but useful software for your market.
  • A Practice Tool – Perhaps a handy spreadsheet, worksheet, pattern, etc.
  • Audio – A recording or live teleseminar invitation.
  • Video – Whether it’s instructional, informative or entertaining, it doesn’t matter. As long as your market is interested in it.

Of course, it’s all fine and dandy to have a great freebie for your autoresponder – you still have to sell it.

How to Sell Your Autoresponder

Think of your freebie and autoresponder as a product. Even though it’s free, you’ve still got to sell it and make your visitor want to leave their name and email address. Plus, you’ve got to make it so enticing, they’re going to want to open the emails you’re going to start sending to them.

To get started selling, make use of these selling tools:

  • An opt-in box on every page: Include a quick attention-getting headline, a compelling reason to subscribe and the sign up box. Don’t force your readers to click around to find the sign up. Make it easy for them to find on every single page.
  • An opt-in page: Create a page that’s fully dedicated to showing the benefits of signing up. This is where you’ll send traffic from your advertising, articles, etc.
  • Picture of your freebie: Make a report cover, software box, etc. Having a graphical representation can make your offer more tangible and attractive to your reader.

What to Include on your Opt-In Page:

  • An attention-getting, benefit driven headline. Get to the heart of the manner. If you’re reader has pain or desire – show them how your offer can help them with that.
  • A compelling description and benefits of your freebie AND being on your mailing list. You can focus solely on promoting your freebie, but if they see the benefits of the subscription, they will be more likely to open the emails you send them.
  • Graphic of your freebie and/or newsletter. This will help draw the eye in to your offer and a sharp graphics increases the perceived value of your offer.
  • Full instructions on how to sign up. Spell it out for them, so there’s no confusion and let’s face it, when you guide people on what they should do, they are more likely to do it. Tell them: “Enter your first name and email address, then click ‘Sign me Up'”
  • A spam statement. People are concerned about spam and may hesitate to give out their email address. Include a brief statement about what you do / don’t do with your readers’ personal information.

Now, You’re Ready to Promote:

Now that you’ve got everything in place, it’s time to spread the word. A key to getting the best conversions on sign up is to send people to your opt-in page. It is a page solely based on getting the subscription and will serve you best every time. A visitor to your site is just a visitor, but if you can turn them into a subscriber…you are then more likely to turn them into a customer. The good news is, even though you still have to sell your freebie/autoresponder, it’s still an easier sell than a product!

Include links to your opt-in page in the following places:

  • Your bylines – Promote your freebie in your articles, blog posts, guest blog posts, etc.
  • Your navigation – Add a link to your website navigation that says “Free Action Guide” or whatever fits your unique freebie.
  • Your videos – Tell your viewers where to sign up and include a water mark on your video with the link.
  • Your signature – Whether it’s email or a forum, tell people about your freebie.
  • Co-promotion – Share other people’s freebies, in return for them promoting yours.
  • Be a podcast guest – Look for on-target and popular podcasts and share your opt-in page in your interview.
  • Write a press release – A valuable freebie is certainly newsworthy. Write a release and distribute it.

The key is persistence because as you build more and more links coming to your opt-in page, the more you’ll continue to grow on a regular basis. Don’t think a few articles and a guest spot on a little podcast will do it. Your list is your bread and butter…make it your focus.