Is Email Marketing Enough to Make Me Good Money Online?




You may have heard the saying, “The money is in the list!” over and over and over. Many online marketers will tell you that your list is your most valuable asset and come hell or high water, as long as you have your list, you can churn out money on demand. This convinces many newbies that building and having a huge list is their ticket to the laptop by the beach lifestyle. So is email marketing the right answer of the question,Most of us have the same question, how to make me good money online?

But is it really? Is having a list the be all and end all to making money online? Most certainly not. If what you just read has you shaking your head, keep reading.

For starters, having a huge list means nothing if the majority of your list are a bunch of freebie seeking freeloaders. A huge buyer list is what you should be aiming for. That is the ticket to the work two hours a day lifestyle.

However, to build a buyers list entails a ton of effort, time, money and some serious marketing skills. Most affiliates are unable to build a buyers list because they do not own the product. The product owner is the one who is building the buyer list.

To make good money online you need to create your own products. Either do it from scratch or rebrand some PLR products and sell them as your own. Now you can build a list that responds like an ATM machine.

Besides creating your own product, you also need to drive traffic to your sales page or squeeze page. So, you need to have some idea of traffic generation too. You’ll also need to network with affiliates and work out an arrangement where it’s mutually beneficial to both of you.

Now that you are creating your own product, it will be crucial that you know niche research, keyword research and have some SEO knowledge so that you can target the right niche, keywords and rank well. If you do not know any of these, you can always outsource these tasks. The catch – you will need to spend money.

If you don’t wish to do any of these and wish to build a huge list and sell solo ads to other marketers, you may do so. However, many solo ad sellers spend a huge chunk of money on ads, building their list, marketing themselves, etc. Their lists tend to burn out fast. So, they need to keep building it.

You will need to have knowledge on writing good subject lines. You will need to know how to use click rotator software to target your list. You will have to know how many clicks you are delivering, open rates, etc. The links you promote should also be to reputable products and sellers.

As you can see by now, having an email list requires a lot of work and knowledge. You will need to get into the trenches and slog it out.

Email marketing is only enough to make you a good living if you have a good grasp of all the other components required to build a profitable list. Even if you buy someone else’s list (not a good idea), you must have some basic copywriting knowledge to write captivating subject lines.

You might want to research marketer, Matt Bacak, and see if he has any products on writing email subject lines.

To conclude, it’s nice to imagine having a huge list where you just send an email and watch the sales pour into your PayPal account. The truth is that email marketing is only enough if you have got your complete online marketing act together.

Building a list is like building your body. It takes time, immense work and patience.

Once you have a list that is big and responsive, you will be making a good living. Enjoy it because you deserve it.