Importance Of Digital Advertising Over Traditional Advertising

The adventure of internet has made the world a global village. This has eliminated communication boundaries and it has given birth to different types of businesses. Digital marketing also known as online marketing is a good example that makes use of internet to promote market services. It enables one to reach a large audience across the globe.

Digital Advertising Over Traditional Advertising

Major methods of online advertising include social media, email marketing, mobile marketing and display of banners. The following are advantages of internet advertising methods over traditional advertising methods.


The internet covers a large audience with minimal cost. This results into a better return on the investment. This is the reason why small, medium based businesses consider internet marketing as their main strategy. It is considered better unlike the trade shows , magazines and outdoor banner advertising.

Easier targeting means

It can be used to reach target audience in a cheaper way. It prevents customers from viewing advertisements from your competitors. This is possible since it targets audience from a given locality.

Easy to collect and analyze data

When internet is used for marketing campaigns it is easy to collect and analyze data.


Internet marketing is very interactive. Games and videos can be easily added to audio messages. This keeps the customer attentive and engaged.


It is easier to connect the advertiser to consumers once the ad copy has been created. The ad copy become live in a few minutes.