How to Turn Visitors into Customers With Your Custom Thank You Page

  1. Thank your new subscriber for signing up and inform them what they can expect to receive from you.
  2. Use bullet points, boldface, and italics on information that needs to stand out from the rest. Plus, you can use video to make your thank you page more personal.
  3. Show your new contacts how your email will look like once it arrives in your inbox.
  4. Ask your visitors to join your webinar to learn how to do things in your industry/niche.
  5. Offer your new subscribers a free eBook that promises to help them do something (e.g. travel around the world cheaper!)
  6. Include testimonials, videos, social proofs to demonstrate value of your products and services to your newly acquired subscribers.

So now you used our 35 creative ways to collect email addresses from your visitors, you will have to redirect them to a thank you page that thanks your new contact and also guide them what to do next.

A “thank you” page is a web page on your website where new subscribers are redirected immediately after they submit their information in your email sign up form.

When creating a sign-up form, you can enter a page on your site as your email sign up thank you page. If you did not specify a page, you can create your own ‘custom’ thank you page that thanks, new people for subscribing.

A well-designed thank you page must:

  • thank your new contact for signing up for your email newsletter…
  • guide them on what to do next

If you are confirmed opt-in, your new contacts will be taken to a confirmation success page right after they click on the confirmation email link.

What Should You Include in a “Thank You” Page?

Usually, most email service providers – AWeber and MailChimp including – will send subscribers to a standard (simple and plain-looking) thank you page.

Though the default page will get the job done in the most limited sense, a customize thank you page, on the other hand, does offer a few more benefits:


  1. gives you an opportunity to brand your business with a page that looks like the rest of your website
  2. keep subscribers on your website
  3. if the subscriber has to confirm their subscription, you can include a message that they can’t miss maintaining the highest verification rate.

But what should you include on your thank you page? The answer depends on upon whether you are using a confirmed opt-in list or not.

Confirmed opt-in list

To get the highest confirmation rate, your thank you page needs to have a very clear message that tells your subscribers that they need to open the message and click on the link.

The best way to do this is to keep your thank you page very simple and only the boldface or italic information that needs to stand out from the rest.

Most important info to include are:

  • name that will appear in the “from line” of the email
  • the subject line of the message

For example:

01-from-lineThe “from line” is the senders (your) address, which can be set on the List Settings page in your account.

The subject line can be a personal message you typed yourself, or it could be any pre-approved thank you pages. You can take a screenshot of your inbox to see how it looks from your subscriber’s point of view.

Not using confirmed opt-in?

If you are not using a confirmed opt-in, then your thank you page should clearly inform your new subscribers that they were successfully added to the list, like this example:

02-welcome-emailThen, you can send welcome emails that include more detailed information on what your subscribers can expect to receive from your email campaigns. Can they expect to receive weekly blogs, tips, and/or occasional benefits and special offers? (Check out our article on 7 Types of Welcome Emails to Send Immediately)

Simply mention those benefits and set some expectations, then include a link back to your webpage.

Are you looking for creative ways to engage your new subscribers? Here is top custom thank you page ideas you can try for your own website and turn your visitors into true fans and customers.

Best Examples of ‘Custom’ Thank You Page for Increased Conversion

Example #1: Felicia Ricci is a vocal coach who uses her thank you really well. First, she thanks her new subscribers for signing up and then goes on to tell them what they can expect from her. The use of bullet points in her thanks you, the page is a good example of emphasizing key points and making it easier to digest as well. Plus, she uses a video to make her thank you page more personal.

How to Turn Visitors into Customers With Your Custom Thank You Page
How to Turn Visitors into Customers With Your Custom Thank You Page

Examples #2: Ryan Robinson, an enthusiast in freelancing and start up businesses, uses his ‘custom’ thank you page (he uses confirmed opt-in) to set the expectation of his new subscribers by displaying a message that says, “You should be receiving an email from me any minute, asking you to confirm your request to get more content.”

He even goes one more step further by showing exactly what his email will look like once it arrives in their inbox.


Example #3: LeadPages, a landing page service, entice their new contacts to join their webinar to learn how to grow their email list quickly using their products and services.


Example #4: Chalene Jonson, a life, and business coach, encourages her new subscribers in her 30-day PUSH challenge to join her free webinar:


Example #5: Nomadic Matt, an online travel resource website, offers his new subscribers a free book that promises to help them travel cheaper around the world.


In addition to placing your products and services on your ‘custom’ thank you page, you can also include testimonials and social proofs to demonstrate the value of your products and services to your newly acquired subscribers. It builds your online credibility, as well as plants, trust in your products and services.

Example #7: Fizzle, an online business training company, displays a ‘personalized’ note from its co-founder as well as testimonials and pictures from some of their customers to make a strong connection and build trust in its services:


Example #8: Lewis Howes, a business, and entrepreneur coach, immediately invites his new contacts to purchase his book School of Greatness to help them grow his users grow their business. He also asks his new subscribers to sign up for his School of Greatness podcast. (He uses his book cover, videos, and podcasts to introduce his School of Greatness project.)


Even if you do not have anything to sell and promote, a simple conversion-oriented thank you page can offer your new customers all the little nuggets of information that might be helpful to learn more about you, what you do and offer.

So, if you were serious about making revenues through your email marketing efforts, you have to start using your thank you page to turn a casual visitors into your true fans and customers.

In addition, you can also include these great things to add to your final welcome page:

  • Your most popular blog posts
  • A welcome video
  • A download links to your freebies
  • What to expect as a subscriber to your email list
  • An invitation to follow you on social media profiles such as FB, Twitter, Google+, etc.

After displaying your subscribers your thank you page and sending welcome message, read our post on 7 Beautiful Email Design Examples for Inspiration to send really impressive emails that will engage, entice, and inspire your contacts to take action.

Over to you: How are you leveraging your thank you page into converting a visitor into a loyal customer? Please share your thoughts in your comments below.