How to Optimize Your Emails for Mobile Devices – 5 Effective Tips

  • Tip #1: Keep your email content brief and short
  • Tip #2: Consider the size of your email design
  • Tip #3: Use strong, simple, and clear calls to action
  • Tip #4: Use a simple layout for your emails
  • Tip #5: Test the text version of your email

In today’s fast-paced world, everything is getting more mobile and fluid than it was 7 years ago. This is probably one of the reasons why many emails are opened, read, and clicked through a mobile or tablet device. According to Radicati Group study, by the end of 2016 more than 730 million email accounts will be accessed from mobile devices.

That is a HUGE number of emails accessed through mobile devices, proving many people (your customers and prospects) are checking their emails while they are active and busy.

Therefore, it is crucial that your emails are easily accessible, viewed, and responded from all device types. Wanna learn how to optimize your emails for mobile users? Here are five simple tips that will help you start doing things the ‘right’ way:

Tip #1: Keep your email content brief and short

Mobile devices have a limited display surface area, so make sure that your email message (the subject line and the email body) generates maximum impact on your subscribers despite the small space.


One way to do that is to try limiting your subject line to 15 characters or less. Also, place the most important and interesting messages in the 1st half of the subject line or up front, using bullets. This helps break up a large chunk of text to entice your subscribers to open, read, and click-through your emails.

Understand that mobile user are busy people. Most of them will only scan your email for important and relevant details, not read through all the content. If they always have to scroll down their devices to look for important messages, they will not be interested in opening your emails again.

So, make sure all of your exciting and important messages are up front of your email body content and/or first half of your subject line.

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Tip #2: Consider the size of your email design

It is important that your emails display properly on all mobile devices and tablets. To ensure this, use email templates 500-600 pixel wide. Some mobile devices such as Blackberry have even more limited display area – 320px wide. Keep these things in mind before designing your emails.


Make sure to optimize graphics in your email design. Make the size small while still maintaining the quality and clarity of the images (use Photoshop for this.)

If you have not optimized your images, your graphics may display as links or even blank spaces on most mobile devices, which may turn off many of your subscribers and lead them to ‘unsubscribe’ from your mailing list.

Remember, huge images download slowly on mobile devices. So, keep your graphic sizes and dimension to an absolute minimum. In fact, most mobile phones can crop and resize your images to 640px or less, so there is no reason you should use any bigger size than that.

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Tip #3: Use strong, simple, and clear call to action

Include a clear call to action in a prominent place (on the top of your email design). Avoid using more than one call to action as it may make things even complicated. Remember, you want to be as crisp and short as possible.


Be clear as what you want your readers to do – do you want them to visit your site? Or, download your free report on driving more traffic? Or, book a summer holiday package?

Also, make it very easy for them to take the action.

Remember, with mobile devices, their fingers are their mouse, so make sure your call to action links and buttons are easy to click-through.

If they are clicking through to one of your landing pages, then make sure they display properly on mobile devices too.

Remove any pop-ups, Flash, JavaScript from your email messages or landing pages so that your messages have high chances of displaying properly.

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Tip #4: Use simple layout for your emails

Space is always a concern because of the limited area you get with a mobile device. Therefore, it is always a good idea to use a simple (single) email layout.


With multi-column email layouts (2-3 column layouts), your subscribers will have to scroll and zoom on their Smartphone to view information. This makes it difficult to navigate and access the information on your email.

On the other hand, using one column layout will make your emails easily accessible on all mobile device types.

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Tip #5: Test the text version of your email

As a marketer who wants to get his/her messages across, you have to make sure that your emails display properly on all mobile devices types. Although most mobile devices and tablets can detect and display HTML emails properly, you want to ensure your email displays properly for those that can read only text.

For this, double-check your text version of your email.


Most email marketing automation apps provide both a text and non-text (HTML) email. Just select the text version of your email and make sure all the links are clickable and all graphics are replaced with text.

Conclusion – 5 Ways to Optimize Email for Mobile Users

Technology is moving faster than ever before, but only a handful of online marketers have catered to one of the biggest trends that are shaping the online marketing industry – i.e. the mobile adoption rate. Do not lose another business opportunity over something simple and easy as unresponsive emails.

Separate yourself from the pack of herds and optimize your emails for mobile devices by following the above 5 tips.

Over to you: Tell us how you are optimizing your email marketing messages for mobile devices? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.