How to Increase Email Open Rates

A study has shown that email open rates have dropped over the last few years. The emails you send to potential customers are not opened. They either find themselves in trash or are completely ignored. The study continues to read that out of ten emails sent; only two emails are read. The remaining eight are completely ignored!

According to the report, religious emails are ignored by half of the intended readers, simply the congregation.

What is wrong? Or where do we fail?

There are numerous reasons that can try answering this tale, but it depends with the field of marketing. There are ways you can follow to woo your audience to open emails.

Below are three different ways that, when followed, will see the Increase Email Open Rates

1.      Come up with interesting content that is useful and relevant

First and foremost, straight marketing emails should be avoided completely. Recipients see them as a waste of time. Put yourself in their shoes. If someone interrupts you in the middle of a chat and starts introducing their products, you will not even have a look at them. You might even chase them away. This applies even in the office setup. When you scroll through your emails and find one advertising email, you will surely ignore it; it’s not time for purchases.

First time approach should be well thought of. Think of ways to win the first impression of your potential customer. Interesting and informative articles are the best marketing emails that all marketing companies should try. Attract your customers even from the subject of your email. Always keep in mind that you can only win them when you try helping them. Think of how to help them rather than how to sell them your products.

  1. 2.      Make it a habit of typing your potential customer’s name

People identify themselves by their personal names. You will ignore anyone who comes your way claiming to sell you good products but barely knows anything about you. Mentioning someone’s name in the beginning of your email, gives the target an interest to know more about you and your services.

To get someone’s attention, you need to show that you are interested in them. Search for their information first so that when you decide to send them your emails, you start by greeting them with their real names. You can also go into asking them about their family. This way, you win their time and will surely read your full email.

  1. 3.      Use newspaper headlines format as your subject lines

If you have ever read a newspaper, I am sure you have, you must have been attracted to the choice of words they use in their headlines. These people have discovered over the years on how to get their readers’ attention. They use emotions and not empty statements. Learn from them and I am sure that you will go far.