Email Marketing Tips and Tricks to Improve Click-Through Rates

Businesses all over the world are consistently finding the most efficient ways to establish a powerful online presence, brand credibility and viability in the multifaceted world of entrepreneurship where competition becomes tougher each day. Through time, beating the odds have truly become daunting and strategizing would still be the best option; hence improving email marketing campaigns to keep up with the fast-paced industry.

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing has been and will still be one of the most powerful ways to get any brand’s message across potential clients and customers. Having a targeted audience as email recipients is one of the many essential aspects of any email marketing strategy, creating the content to be sent to these customers is another; and getting the email recipients to open is yet another of the greatest challenges. But email marketers also have to realize the opens are not enough and click-throughs would be more significant.

Escalating the click through rates is one of the dilemmas of most online businesses as they are more often below the average and may sometimes stay that way for a relatively long period of time and worse, click throughs may even fall deeper. This is something that companies have to ponder on and boost their click-through rates for about 55% or more; here’s how:

  • The very first thing that should be done is to initially improve email open rates. The main objective of every email marketing campaign is to have customers click through and land on the business website, but having these recipients to open the emails and read on is also something quite difficult, so here’s what marketers have to do;
    • Create an attention-grabbing subject line.
    • Have a targeted email list. There is no use sending the emails to millions of recipients because they might not be the suitable people to send the messages to because different people have different interests and preferences and basically most people get annoyed by the tremendous number of unwanted emails. Segmenting the email list to interested individuals most likely would do the trick.
    • Keep sending the emails consistently and not sporadic when the business just has to sell something to the recipients, this may discourage the customers from opening the rest of the emails or worse, they may even unsubscribe.
  • Including social sharing options in the email marketing scheme has been proven one of the effective tricks that could significantly increase the click-through rates for about 30% to 55% especially when three or more social sharing sites are being used. Direct recipients of the emails may not be interested in the business’ brand, but some of their friends and followers might be, so there is a greater chance that click-throughs from the recipients’ extensions can be achieved effectively.
  • When hyperlinking, using direct keywords are far better than the generic links as email subscribers would exactly know where it will lead them to. Doing this, potential customers would not hesitate to click on and visit the business web page.
  • NEVER use a lot of links that lead customers to different sites as this will overwhelm them. When this happens the essence of the emails will not be understood by the recipients. Lead the audience to one place as much as possible. Confusing them with a lot of sites and pages would make them click away from the website and the email marketing campaign would definitely be a lot farther from achieving high click-through rates.
  • TEST the email marketing campaign and refine every detail that needs to be improved. By testing, an email marketer could effectively troubleshoot the flaws of the campaign and be able to formulate a more efficient one.