Effective Autoresponder Series

The dilemma: You need to keep content going into your customer’s inbox on a regular basis, but your time is limited. You can’t always be in your office at the moment you need to send information. You’re afraid your list will go cold and you won’t get them back.

The solution: The Autoresponder Series

An autoresponder series is a group of emails sent in a particular sequence to people who signed up to receive them. You use the email newsletter software you likely already have such as Aweber to accomplish this. The software allows you to set up, in advance, an entire series of emails to be sent upon certain triggering factors to those who sign up for your information or purchase products from you. (Note: Please read your country’s laws about SPAM.)

  • Saves Time – Using an autoresponder series will save time by allowing you, or your VA to load up a series of messages in bulk, to go out on certain dates based on you and your audience’s preferences. For instance, you might have a short 7 day eCourse loaded into the autoresponder for your audience members who sign up for either a paid or free eCourse that you are offering.
  • Automatic – Once you load up the information, you don’t have to do anything else. It’s all done automatically. Your audience will receive the emails, which should also contain various calls to action that links them to sales pages, affiliate information or a blog post with more information right on your website. Setting this up in advance will save you time because once you set it up, you can forget it and let it run without any action from you.
  • Warms Up Your List – By keeping your list active with one or more autoresponder series, you will keep your list warm and waiting for your other offers. Otherwise, you will have to always reawaken your audience to tell them about the next thing you are promoting. Now, when you send a one-off broadcast or more current email to them they won’t be surprised, and it will be like they’re expecting you. Keeping your audience warm will cause your conversion rates to go up.

An autoresponder series can be as short as a few days to an entire year of messages. It just depends on what your goals are. You can add new autoresponders anytime you want to any list. You can set them up to go out every day, every 3 days, or every Wednesday. It’s up to you.

Now that you know why you need to have an autoresponder series for every email list that you own, you need to know what to include.

  • High Quality Targeted Content – Don’t skimp on your email autoresponder series content. You want the content to be really good so that your audience thinks to themselves, “If this is what I get free, imagine what I’ll get when I pay.”
  • Interactive & Engaging Content – Nothing will feel more current than content that is interactive such as linking them to a questionnaire, poll or forum. Your audience will feel more connected to you which helps build a trusting relationship.
  • A Current Call to Action – Calls to action are important, and if they’re old and outdated your audience will not trust you. They will stop reading your emails, and they’ll stop interacting with and connecting with you.

Now you may be wondering how you can create current calls to action when you’re sending out an autoresponder series to one audience member today, that you sent out to another a year ago. But, there is a way. It’s called technology.

The Aweber software also offers some unique features that you can use to update existing autoresponder series with new CTAs anytime you want to with their Personalize Your List Option using Global Text Snippets.

As you can see using an autoresponder series has the potential to save a lot of time and effort when building your list, and converting those who sign up for your list. Don’t start inviting people to your list until you have at least a short autoresponder series ready so that you don’t waste one more second building a list without direction.

We hope with the tips discussed above, you can now create effective autoresponder series on your own.