Change Your Email Subject Lines To Increase Open Rates In 4 Steps

At least on daily basis, email users receive tens or hundreds of emails. Needless to say, they have developed keen sensibilities to bin, delete or not open emails they perceive as insignificant. It is thought that 69% of email recipients only look at the subject line to determine whether an email should be read or reported as Spam. At the same time, 35% of email users open emails merely based on the subject line. Although email content plays a big role in the eventual conversion rate, it’s the subject line that will get recipients to open the emails.

Below are some Email subject lines best practices that will help to boost open rates:

1. Use customer elements to connect with recipients.

Proper subject lines reflect a thorough understanding of the target audience. Users open emails that are genuinely personalized and show that the sender already understands their needs. Including all personalized attributes in the subject is a great way to build trust and rapport and to assure the recipient that what they are about to open is truly relevant to them.

2. Constancy will keep you top of mind

Expectedly, marketers who send out emails on a regular basis attract high open and conversion rates. But, there is a difference between regularly sending emails and carefully organizing your emails in a series, so that each email adds and builds into the previous one. Subdividing your email content into successive parts and demonstrating this in the subject line will generate familiarity and interest from your readers.

3. be attractive in your subject line, don’t be boring

Boring headlines never get the story read. The idea is true for mainstream media as it is for email. Asking questions is a simple yet effective way to stir interest and increase the reader’s curiosity. At the same time, make use of ingenious word combinations, metaphors, slightly off-topic and your own novelty words to get your emails to stand-out in your readers’ inbox.

Rule of thumb: Make it categorically clear why you are sending the email. Anything less than an exact intention will get your emails trashed.

4. Optimize your email previews

Most email clients also include a short preview that is indicative of your email content. Just like any description, the email preview is a very brief description that can be optimized to capture readers’ interest. This is a backup to your subject line- it pushes recipients to open the email.