BulkSmart businessmen are now exploring the new business opportunity that can market their business on the global platform. Bulk email marketing can produce great results both on local as well as international market. It is also commonly known as E – Marketing. Business experts tries out various online and offline promoting methods to reach out to customers globally. While offline method proves to be very costly, online marketing such as bulk marketing has the potential to make your every penny worth.

Bulk email marketing has much lower cost of reaching out to customer on per customer basis, while offline method such as print media, hoarding, and TV advertisement has very huge cost of marketing. Moreover people are now spending more times online; digital media is serving the convenient way to reach out to them.  That is why reputed marketers are using bulk marketing not just to reach out to customers, but also to understand their preference and liking.

Biggest marketing campaigns are now being designed after evaluating the customer behavior and their changing demands for information. Earlier people were not familiar with the term “Email Marketing”, and that is the reason they used to mark such emails as spam. Sometimes these spam marking also have resulted in the website blocking by search engines. With the increasing popularity people have accepted email marketing and are receiving promotional offers, relevant useful information through email promotions. To avoid being marked as spam, most of the websites are now having the option in creating Subscribe option, by this mean the messages goes only to the customers who have subscribed your promotions. Also the option of unsubscribing link is given at the bottom of every email, it reduces the chances of spam marking.

Bulk marketing is also popular in various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is been observed over the time that a single point of customer interaction does not produce desired marketing results, for effective penetration though email cross channel integration must be done.  In order to get more traffic to your website one must act smartly and make technological advancement with the changing treads in the field of bulk email marketing. Newsletter is one such tool for effectively reaching out to target audience. Many websites releases their newsletter periodically which contains useful facts and information about products, services, upcoming technology trend, changing future of marketing, and latest updates in the area of your business.

There are mainly three ways to send bulk email messages. One is continuous, second is periodically and third one is pulse mode. Some product and services requires continuous promotions though out the year, while some kind of services and product needs intermittent promotions which happen at the regular interval time. Lastly some special product and services requires seasonal promotions like travelling, beverages, insurance etc. For these kinds of products pulse promotions are suitable. Pulse promotions are active only for some months of the year and every year the time frame remains the same.