Build your email marketing BUCKET LIST today!

You are yet to get started on your email marketing campaign, it is HIGH TIME to get started now! If you are confused on how to get started then it is recommended to first build the bucket list for your email campaign. Please mind, this bucket list is not your email marketing strategy!
The Bucket List opens up opportunities for your email marketing strategy, which you could have ignored when your focus is on building the right email marketing strategy. A good bucket list can help you unleash benefits by identifying the right pain points and the reasoning why you really need an email campaign.

What should your email campaign bucket list comprise of?
Here we have listed some questions which can be included in your email campaign bucket list, though these are subject to the conditions and highly dependent on the business needs for which email campaign is being created.

List some successful and eye-catching email campaigns you have come across lately, these could also include the ones conducted by your competitors
List the objectives you would want to achieve if the budget, time and resources would not have been a constraint
List some activities you would want to try but are afraid because it may go wrong
List the target market you always wanted to target but were not able to because of lack of resources
List the content topics which you think might interest your subscribers and prospects, which you might have not covered as part of the focused email campaign
List the email templates you would want to evaluate
List innovative ways of conducting an email campaign such as embedding video in the email campaign
List the email marketing softwares which you would want to evaluate
List some popular email marketing consultants and evaluate their offerings
List the possible call-to-actions for your email campaigns
List all possible goals and optimization factors that you would want to achieve with the email campaign
List the possible timelines for running these email campaigns
List the methods which can be used for building list of target market
List the past campaign achievements which can help make the new campaigns better and efficient
List some out-of-the-box activities which you would like to explore irrespective of any constraints

A successful digital marketer needs to understand the importance of thinking out-of-the-box and should not restrict their thinking to the above listed pointers of the bucket list. Build your email campaign bucket list now, and explore the benefits of diving into newer opportunities which you might have ignored when focusing on the email campaign!