Build an email list from scratch

Email lists are a vital part of email marketing. Simple logic spells out that you need people on your list.  What can you do to persuade them to do this? I will give you three simple and effective steps to Build an email list .

  1. 1.      Use a squeeze page.

Several internet marketers will suggest that you use a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page whose only purpose is to make someone either give away their email address or leave the page. There are numerous diverse ideas on what an ultimate squeeze page should contain. You may be required to conduct tests so as to come up with the method that gives you the best quality of prospective recipients.

Most squeeze pages make use of short videos or a collection of catchy bullet points and a sign up form. Successful squeeze pages are usually more like miniature sales letters and may span a number of pages before finally asking someone to opt in. These distinctively get fewer subscribers but those who join are more committed to you since most of them have used their time and effort to read or watch your content before subscribing.

  1. 2.      Create a giveaway commodity

In most cases there usually is a giveaway product to motivate people to join your list. What it consists of is up to you but it can be a brief report, can either be a text document or a video, which is shown instantaneously after your new list subscriber signs up to your list.

It is of essence that that you disseminate crucial information in your giveaway product. Most people are inspired by it when deciding whether or not it is significant to stay on your list and whether or not it is essential to read your emails if they decide to stay with you.

Also remember to include clickable links in your giveaway product. This helps so much as the customer will have a link to your website even after unsubscribing from your list. In future, they can access your website and probably find their way in.

  1. 3.      Make your list public

Publicizing your list is the best way to market yourself. The traditional way of using signup forms on the web is still effective. It is advisable you take time and come up with the best idea of doing this. You will find many sites using the pop up box immediately you enter their sites. This is good but almost everyone closes it without reading what is written in it. They associate it with scam.

You need to come up with an idea that will not irritate your visitors. Place your sign up box on the side of your website and ensure that it remains in view even when the visitor is scrolling. Use a box that has a strong call to action.

Market your gift public by announcing in your social media sites. You can use twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to woo member into your list. Once people join, make a habit of communicating with them regularly. This way, they will be interested to know more and buy from you.