Best Email Marketing Resources

Online marketing through emails has gained a significant amount of popularity and trust among marketers. Internet marketing extends from company notices, purchase related concerns, to entire newsletters which include all the details the marketer wants the customer to know. The list of details included in the email marketing communiqué is endless, and comes down to message selection and implementation aimed to have a great impact on the client.

Taking this into consideration a number of resources have emerged to marketers who want to maximize email marketing for the best returns. These resources offer a wide range of tools including; marketing advice, essential directories and industry news.


This is one of the most trusted online marketing resources. This website provides information on technology, internet research, expert opinions, case studies, company features and interviews on available products.


This site provides products and services for email marketers. They offer information about several email methods that email marketers can consider when launching their campaigns.

This website avails a detailed online directory that includes email marketing agencies, mail consultants and other services that assists other online marketing strategies such as newsletters and online ad space.


At a glance this page looks like a simple online blog. It provides critical information about the best and actual practices preferred by any marketer using email as a major communication tool.

This is one of the biggest information sources in the World Wide Web. It contains articles and other resources. It has a section on email marketing, with every information from tips, technology and marketing technologies. Examples of readily available titles include; Instruments To Email Marketing, Inform Your ISP About Your Email Marketing Activities and Email Marketing To Reflect Your Corporate Design.

Email marketers club

This website is responsible for online network of email marketers. It enables its subscribers to access the contacts and other information which may be considered important.

Game monitor

This is a source of concepts for email marketing strategies. Email marketers with the aim of highest level of effectiveness from their email strategies will find assistance here.