7 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing is a Flop




You may often hear the saying, “The money is in the list.” That saying is incomplete.

It should be… “The money is in the list only if your email marketing works.”

If you have a big list of freebie seekers or you do not have a good grasp of the fundamentals of email marketing, then your list has no money in it. In fact, it will cost you money since you will be paying for the monthly autoresponder fees.

Ouch! That’s insult to the injury. This article will list 7 reasons why your email marketing may not work even if you have a large list. Building a huge list is easy. What you want is a responsive list that actually buys stuff. If nobody buys anything, your list is worthless.

The first reason most people’s lists don’t have a positive return on investment is the nature of subscribers they have. Statistics have shown that a list of 5000 buyers is worth much more than a list of 100,000 which mostly consists of tire kickers and free loaders.

If you’re offering a free report or video course, there will be many people who put their email address in your form and click the link. Once they get what you have to offer, they’ll just hang around for more free stuff in future. These are folks who will not spend any money on their business. Such subscribers will just clog up your list.

If your list is mostly made up of freebie seekers, your email marketing will not be very rewarding. Trim off the dead weight and focus on building a list of buyers.

Poorly targeted offers are another reason your offers may not be converting. If you built your list by offering reports or videos on YouTube marketing, your list is most probably not going to be interested in products about making sales on Teespring. Tailor your offer to suit your audience.

The third reason is that your list is numb. Did you bombard them with affiliate emails? Do you keep pushing offers daily? Be honest. If you did, your subscribers probably ignore your emails and delete them on auto pilot. Provide value and don’t send affiliate emails daily. It may be profitable in the short run… but in the long run, it will not work.

The fourth reason is carelessness. There are many instances where people send broadcast emails to their list but the links in the email do not work or the links are just text and can’t be clicked on. Don’t expect your subscriber to copy and paste the text in their browser. Always test your emails before sending them out.

The fifth reason may not seem like your fault but rest assured that it is. The affiliate link in your email goes to a product with a poor sales page. The product you are linking to must have an attractive and convincing sales page. Otherwise, your emails just won’t convert. Always check the salespage personally.

Dull subject lines are the sixth reason. Your email will be competing with all the other emails for the subscriber’s attention. Make your subject line catchy and interesting so that they get curious and open your email.

The last reason is one that is often overlooked. If your list is built with free reports or low priced product buyers and you send them to an offer that may be at a higher price point, the offer will not convert.

Generally, the higher the price point, the less likely people will buy. So, even if you have a buyers list of buyers who are used to purchasing $5 products, if you send them to a $97 product, there’s a high chance that not many will buy the product you are recommending.

These are some reasons why your email marketing may flop. Bear them in mind when analyzing your stats and data. Small tweaks can make a huge difference.