47 Calls to Action Phrases That Will Sell & 9 That Will Repel

Whenever your subscribers open your email, they look for these things – the first line of your message, the picture, and the call-to-action. This is why using a clear and strong call-to-action, or CTA, is so vital to get more people to open, read, and click-through to your landing pages on your website/blog.

It is one of the only few important elements in your email that drive and motivate subscribers to take action.

So, what makes one CTAs more effective than the other?

Well, to help you differentiate between the goods and the bad ones, we have created a list of 47 CTAs that sell, and a list of 9 bad ones that repel.

At the end of each list, we will also tell you why the good ones work and bad ones do not.

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47 CTAs that Sell

Last week, we looked inside our inboxes and compiled a list of 47 CTAs that work most of the time, and broke them up by category.

Email sign up

  1. 01-subscriber-nowHot deals in your inbox
  2. Subscribe today
  3. Sign up
  4. Seriously, sign up!
  5. Get our monthly newsletter
  6. Be the first to know about new arrivals
  7. What do you have to lose? Sign up now


  1. Join us02-join-us
  2. Reserve your seat today
  3. Will you be there?
  4. Save your seat now!
  5. You do not want to miss this!
  6. Limited seats available!

Social Media

  1. 03-find-us-on-facebookEnter the contest
  2. Yes, I want to shot at winning
  3. How’d we do? Yelp it
  4. Check us out on Facebook
  5. Follow us
  6. Give us your feedback
  7. Vote now


  1. 04-download-nowRead more on our blog
  2. Learn more
  3. Continue reading
  4. Read full story here
  5. Read the book
  6. Download now
  7. Take the quiz
  8. More tips and tricks


  1. 05-shop-clearanceShop clearance
  2. Save now
  3. Explore new arrivals
  4. Get your discount code now
  5. Claim your coupon today
  6. Find a store
  7. Shop clearance
  8. Download now
  9. Want a sneak peek at this sale?

Service-based businesses

  1. 06-free-demoSave on your membership
  2. Save on classes
  3. Limited time offer
  4. Call us for free demo
  5. Make holiday cleaning simple
  6. Book your next appointment now
  7. Schedule a service call now
  8. Book ahead and receive 10% off


  1. 07-share-with-your-frensShare with your friends
  2. Love to share? Please do
  3. Refer a friend and claim your deal

So, why these call to action work so well

  • Urgency: These call-to-action texts encourage people to take action instantly. All of the CTAs in the above list simply do that. Phrases such as “limited time offer,” “now” and “today” compel people to act immediately.
  • Creative: If you have been using traditional call to action such as “read more,” and “click here,” then probably it is time to be a little bit creative. The keyword phrases used in these CTAs aren’t the ones you will see every day. For example, “Call us for free demo” and “Get your discount code now” are out-of-the-box and fun call to action that you can use today.
  • Informative: These calls to action are descriptive and offer enough information for the subscribers to take action. You do not need to read the entire email message to understand its main purpose.

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9 CTAs that Repel

Then, there are those that aren’t so great calls to action. Here is a list of 9 CTAs that would repel your customers.

  1. Shopclick-here
  2. Go
  3. Click here
  4. Continue
  5. Get it later
  6. Next
  7. Review
  8. Get our custom report
  9. yourwebsite.com

Why do these calls to action repel?

  1. Bad Practice – Many of these calls to action text is examples of just bad practices. You do not have to tell your customers to “click here” or “continue” or “review” because it is self-explanatory, (everyone knows to click a link, right?). Moreover, if you want your subscribers to take action immediately, why would you rather use a call to action such as “get it later?” Finally, you do not need to write the URL of your website. Rather, simply include a call to action that says, “Book your next appointment now” with your website URL.
  2. Lacks clarity – Most of the calls to action use in these examples do not provide clear information. For example, what does a call to action ‘click here’ ask a subscriber to do? Does it mean ‘click here’ for a 14-day free trial of their product? Is the customer supposed to click the link to browse other relevant posts or offers? Alternatively, should they click the link to visit a company’s YouTube channel? The information is vague enough not to entice the customers to take action.
  3. Not customer-oriented – The call to action “Get our custom report” is focused on the business, not the customer. If you want your email messages to be effective, make sure to focus on the customer by letting them know all the wonderful benefits they will get once they get hands on your custom report. For example, you could change the call to action to “Download the FREE report to Drive More Traffic” to inspire your customers to take action.

Conclusion – 47 Calls to Action Phrases That Will Sell & 9 That Will Repel

Calls to action phrases are vital to the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Instead of using vague, business-oriented, and bad practices, make sure to take your time to create creative and informative calls to action that encourages your customers to take action fast.