3 Tips On How To Discover What Your Subscribers Really Want To Buy

It is likely to note that you can have enormous list of subscribers who do not buy from you. This is quite unfortunate and is as a result of serious weaknesses in your marketing campaigns. You will notice that having such a list is quite costly. The main reason for such case is failure to provide precisely what your subscribers certainly want.

How to find What Your Subscribers Really Want?

When one is able to offer the exact products and services your customers want, you will be able to make massive sales whether you are selling your own products or affiliate products. It is worthwhile to sell your own products as you will be receiving all the profit unlike in affiliate where you resolve to share the returns. The following are the guidelines you can use to define the exact products and services your customers need:


You need to ask your subscribers the exact services or products they need. However, many email marketers never do this and if they do it, it is quite sporadic. This is typical with many people who are shy to ask in case they do it in a wrong way. There is undeniably nothing wrong with requesting your subscribers what they want. By asking them, they will develop the feeling that you care for them. This is one way of structuring confidence with your customers. Other than asking them about the products they want, you need to ask them to tell u the problems they are having with the products and services you are offering.

The other way is to ask them what can make principal difference to them. Through this way you will have an idea on how to know what the products they want and what they have been struggling with.

Specific Q&A emails

In order to ascertain what your customers want, you can send them a question and answer email. From the reactions you will get to know what exactly they want. However, this method is quite tricky and for it to be effective you need to:

  • Ensure that the subject line is worded correctly with the right topic you want answers for
  • Include a link in the email to see whether the subscribers open it
  • You may also have the question and answer as blog post and refer your subscribers

Observe responses over time

You should analyze the email campaign statistics in order to understand the motivating topics to your customers. If you are coming up with a content on a wide range of topics, you should check the email that is opened most. You can also check the links that are clicked most. It is prudent to focus more on the link clicks, rather than open rates. This is because clicking demonstrates that your customers are willing to take action.

By using the above tricks you will be able to know the exact products your subscribers want. After this it is time you use email marketing to give your customers the right products in order to make more money.