21 Powerful and Catchy Marketing Words & Phrases that Sell

  1. Use marketing word such as “now” and “instant” to create a sense of urgency among your subscribers and compel them to act immediately.
  2. Offer “free” word in your email content because everyone loves free things.
  3. Use the phrase “cost-effective” in the subject line to highlight monetary savings for your subscribers

Words are powerful – they can either make or break your business. Are you encouraging your subscriber to open, read, and click-through your emails to buy your products and services? If not, then you are probably not using proper words to influence your subscriber’s emotions and persuade them to take action.

There are many examples of magic marketing phrases that are proven to increase open and click-through rates. Different influencing words will work for different situations, and it is up to you to find the ones that will work for your business. But, it is not difficult to figure out: if your inner critic tells you it won’t work, then most likely your customers will too.

Luckily, for you, we have gathered 21 magic marketing phrases that you could send in your next email newsletter to get the best response from your subscribers.

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21 Powerful and Catchy Marketing Words & Phrases that Sell

Now – This word creates a sense of urgency among your subscribers and compels them to act immediately. You can also insert an additional keyword phrase with the word “now” to create a clear calls-to-action (for e.g. Act Now, Shop Now, Order Now, Subscriber Now, etc).

01-buy-nowFree – Use the “free” word often in your emails because everyone loves free things. Again, combine the phrase “free” with other marketing words to create powerful calls-to-action that sells (for e.g. free shipping, free gift with purchase, free trial, free download, free estimate, free consultation, etc)

free consultation

Save – You could use this word in your offers, showcasing monetary or even time savings.

save 50 percent

Instant – People do not like to wait. They like to do things – i.e. download, read, view, and listen – instantly. Use this phrase to allow your subscribers to do that exactly.

instant download

No obligation required – Most people are afraid of commitment unless they fully trust you and your brand. Using risk-free “no obligation” keyword phrase gives them an option to opt out of your offers whenever they wish to, which leads to even more conversion.

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Cost-effective – In addition to using “save,” you could alternatively use the magic marketing phrase that highlights monetary savings for your subscribers. Use the phrase “cost-effective” in the subject line of your email to boost the open rate.


Offer expires – Similar to the phrase “now,” this phrase creates a sense of urgency to your subscribers and compel them to act fast. It is definitely a powerful phrase to boost open and click-through rate.

offer expires

New – Your subscribers are always looking out for the latest news, gadgets, offers, and products. The phrase “new” is attention-grabbing which can be very effective in emails.


Off – Send your new subscriber some kind of incentive for signing up, such as $10 off your next $50 purchase message. It not only piques their interest but also give them more reasons to purchase from you.

Sale – Everyone loves a good deal. The word “sale” is used by many marketers because it has been old faithful marketing word for them. It has the power to entice people to take action.


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Be the First – Your contacts like exclusive offers. Why not give a sneak peak at your new offers, upcoming events, and quality content?

Tips – Everyone wants a little bit of help now and then. Send emails with full of tips to help your subscribers how to use your products or improve their business.


Remember – Your customers are busy people who do not have time to remember important things. That is why it is always a great idea to send them reminders. Maybe, you want to remind them about an event or to use the coupons to redeem their offer. For example, you could send an email that says, “Remember, you have only 4 hours to redeem your offer!”


How to – You could include this marketing phrase with the rest of your subject line to offer a solution to a problem or an issue so that your contacts will open and click-through to your landing page.


Secret – Not everyone is There are certain secrets to success that no one else knows about. Let your subscribers know that you can reveal those secrets to success.

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100% Money-back guarantee – Just like the “no obligation” phrase, this magic marketing phrase impose no risk for the customers, which compel them to act – download, order, etc.


Best Sellers – Your customer do not have time to scour all the great products and offers, so grabbing a list of best-selling products is a surefire to capture few additional sales.

You/Your – When you use words such as “you” or “your”, you imply that you are thinking about your customers. It is personal and goes a long way to boost sales. Here are few examples of subject lines that you the word “you” or “your.”

Buy one, get one free – This is a commonly used marketing phrase to tend to get good results. That is why many marketing firms use this phrase.


Something – Although the word “something” is more general, it works to your advantage. It helps your email headline get past people’s preconceived conditions – such as their worry about changing their current service, or their satisfaction with their cell phone service. The word “something” is more engaging and impactful than a more specific term such as “cell phone service.”

Thank you – Sending an email with a subject line “Thank you” shows your appreciation to your customers. When they take an action – i.e. download a free eBook report, subscribe to your newsletter, or buy your products – thank your customers by sending a kind email.


Powerful and catchy word and phrases power up your business but be careful not to overdo it. The best email marketing writing consists of a blend of these 21 marketing words and phrases and your own creativity.

Over to you…

Do you use any of these magic marketing word and phrases in your emails? Or, do you have your own list of marketing words? Please, feel free to share them in the comment section below. Make sure to check out the best subject lines to use in an email, as well!