10 techniques of improving email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most important means of internet marketing. It is among the best methods of product promotion. When done correctly it enhances customer loyalty and trust. This will therefore make your product to be more recognized in the market hence increasing business revenue.

The following are some of the confirmed techniques of improving email marketing campaigns:

Select the best email marketing provider

You should inquire and try different providers to find the one who best suits your needs. Conversely examine and try method requires a lot of time and money. Examples of the best email marketing providers include:

Mail chimp

Constant contact

A Weber

Keep your email database clean

In case you have a lot of contacts you obtained from the website or sales you should not discard them. Rather you should take some time and clean up the database. This can be achieved by removing expired data and improving the existing information. The common tools used in verifying and updating contacts include strikelron, jigsaw and many others.

Allow people to opt-in

In order to avoid snags with your email providers, it is good to send emails to only the opt-in recipients.You can use the following ways to make people subscribe to your emails:

Place a newsletter sign up form

Add opt-in forms on your websites

Give freebies such as eBooks


Organize the contacts

Most marketers do not organize their email contacts. This leads to low click through and response rates. The main areas you can use to segment your email lists include location, industry and lead source.

Aim of the campaign

You should clearly define the purpose of your campaign. This will help you to design the right message for your customers.You should avoid being a general internet marketer.


Do not overdo the campaign

Avoid complicating your message design. Your design should be simple and effective. Text content should be more than images. Ideally text content should be more than 80% of total message.

Capitalize more in a great copy

You should put more money and time in email marketing campaign. In case you don’t have enough experience in copy writing you should hire people with experience in copy writing.You can also subscribe to some reputable newsletters to gather information.

Concentrate on subject line

Your subject line should be attractive and strong. As much as possible you should avoid weak subject lines as they are usually filtered as spam or they may not be opened. Include your product name and company name.

Set up a tracking system

Always track your emails to determine their effectiveness. This is important way of ROI maximizing.

Refine and test

It is prudent to examine and track different email marketing combinations.