10 Fresh Ingredients To Spice Up A Profitable Email List From Scratch

In any business you must have some set goals you want to achieve. It is possible to get best results by using high quality and proven strategies. You can build a profitable email list. By this it means you have a list that is responsive and builds connections with the potential and current clients. This allows you to market the different brands you have over time by using the major ingredients you have. The following are the things you should use:

Your site

It is in your website that you should offer the free gifts in exchange for the email address and their first names. This will give you the opportunity to stay connected with the customers. You should state your frequency of contacting them. In addition, you need to remind your subscribers that their emails and other information will not be shared with any other third party.

Social media

You can add tabs to your Facebook fun pages about the free gift you are giving. That page should be on all your social networks for added visibility. You should give your social community a number of opportunities that they can opt-in to.


You may consider linking the blog posts to the archived emails. This will encourage your readers to subscribe to your newsletters.


You can put a link in your email signature. This is very important in email marketing. Include brief reasons why people should subscribe to your newsletter. In addition, you should keep in touch with the new subscribers through the regular email newsletter and autoresponder.  It is important to note that consistency is what will be getting you the results.

Online sales

This is necessary if your business has the online retail components; it is possible to collect valuable information from the already existing customers. You can ask your customers to stay in touch.

Phone calls

You have the freedom to ask your prospects to stay in touch and get interested with you. This does not imply just answering phone calls but having great conversations.

In-store sign up

The sign-up bar should be near the register. You can also setup a text-to-join or scan-to-join feature. This will make it possible for people to join your lists even with their mobile devices.

Networking events

You need to follow up with the personal emails with the customers you have exchanged the contact info. You can ask them whether they are ready to receive information and tips you are willing to share with them on specific topics. You can give those links to the recent emails you have sent and direct them to the place where they can sign up.

Speaking engagements

People who have subscribed to your newsletters should be highly be valued if you want to stay in touch. Follow your subscribers and thank them when they make purchases or attend your webinars.

Other things

There are many other things you can to make your contact list important in your effective email marketing campaign. You can use:

  • Current clients
  • Family and friends
  • Referral partners
  • The current staff members
  • Local media
  • Advertising