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Your Email List is the MOST Important Factor and Many Businesses FAIL in generating Leads and Sales because they overlook this!

Not all businesses have an existing email list of prospects to send out their promotional emails to.

As a result, many turn to purchasing or renting American business email lists from vendors online.

And that’s when the problem begins.

After your sending out your email campaign, you realise that the list you purchased contains:

  • Invalid emails addresses that no longer exist
  • Inaccurate data including full name, company name, or telephone number
  • Angry contacts who have been spammed to death

As a result, most email campaigns end up:

  • Having a high bounce rate
  • Being unopened and unread
  • Flagged as spam by readers who do open them
  • Getting listed as a spammer and being suspended by your email provider

You start to realize that that you are WASTING your VALUABLE TIME and MONEY

In order to get the REAL Results from Email Marketing, your United States Business Email lists needs to be ACCURATE, UP TO DATE & VERIFIED

Start Driving Real Leads Consistently at a Fraction of your Usual Costs with NinjaEmails!

NinjaEmails is the ONLY Email List provider that guarantees the high quality premium American Biz Mailing Lists with NO Payment for bad data.

Highest Quality Premium Emails

NinjaEmails data is aggregated from the Top 20 database vendors, American list brokers and United States mailing list service providers used by Fortune 500 and global MNCs. The aggregated American Business Email lists is then tripled verified – more so than any other data vendor.

All this ensures that your emails go to valid and real prospects who are more likely to view your contact and take up your call to action.

Low Bounce Rates

Our proprietary data processes allow us to continuously gather, analyse and verify data, bringing you information that’s extremely detailed, accurate and up to date.

Compared with the closest competitors, NinjaEmails outperforms the industry’s bounce rate by up to 45%!
This means MORE of your emails get delivered to
MORE potential prospects and eager buyers.

No Payment for Bad Data.
1 for 1 Replacements.

At NinjaEmails, You will receive a 1-1 exchange for any portion of your email list that’s undeliverable, out of date, or disconnected. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Industry’s Most Up-to-Date List

Businesses are constantly closing, executives changing, and 20% of the consumer population moves every year.

Unlike other Email Database providers, Our American Business Database boasts one of the industry’s most up-to-date list. With a full rebuild every month, our business email database sets the standard for freshness and quality.

Strict Distribution Control

To maintain the quality of our lists, our system automatically restricts the number of purchases made on each United States Biz Mailing List.

Our inventory management system calculates the threshold quantity and once the email list reaches the pre-determined quantity, it is automatically taken out of circulation.

Most Comprehensive American Business Database

NinjaEmails email list boasts one of the industry’s most comprehensive American Business Database. Most of our premium lists include fields such as category (C-Level, Director,VP) , Contact Person Name, Contact Person Title, Contact Person Email Address, Phone Number, Company, etc.

This allows you to sort, target and follow-up with the contact you are targeting.

1000+ Clients , Over 5,000,000 Leads Generated by our Clients and Counting….

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James Smith

PR Agent

I am surprised by the high quality of the email list. I started with a basic package and bought more soon afterwards

Patricia Coleman


Love it! It is cheaper than flyer distribution and works better

Robert Brown

Health & Wellness

I believe that email lists are the best way to build my own marketing assets

Amy Johnson

Life Coach

I never received so much enquiries in a single day in my life

Sandra Miller

Café Owner

I came back for more because it works!

Paul Harris

Corporate Trainer

The cheapest way to advertise! United States Business Email lists – Australian Aussies Love it!

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