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Master squeeze page optimization in just 1 day!  Start getting more click-thoughs, conversions and sales on your squeeze page or landing page. 

What this package includes:

  • 33-Page NinjaEmails Ninjitsu “How to create high converting squeeze pages” guide (UP: $49)
  • 24-Slide NinjaEmails Ninjitsu
  • 6-page Cheat Sheet and Worksheet covering lead magnet creation, split testing, decreasing load times and landing page checklist.
  • $50 coupon code for any purchase on NinjaEmails dot com

What the Ninjitsu guide covers:

This is a comprehensive training program on how to create high converting squeeze pages.

  • Key Elements of a highly effective landing page – broken down segment by segment
  • Strategies for increasing conversions
  • Critical SEO Tips for your landing page
  • Secret insider tools to create your landing page
  • How to easily create Mobile ready landing pages
  • Top landing page mistakes that you must never make
  • and many more!

Ninja Emails Basic Ninjitsu

How to create high-converting squeeze pages

1. Introduction
2. What is a squeeze page and why do you need one
3. The Elements of a great Squeeze Page
4. Strategies for increasing Squeeze Page conversion
5. Squeeze Page SEO
6. Mobile ready Squeeze Pages
7. Creating Squeeze Pages with WordPress
8. Common Squeeze Page Mistakes
9. Conclusion


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