Want to be an Affiliate for NinjaEmails.com?

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Email Marketing

Quick Affiliate Facts

  • You will earn a 40% commission on the sale of any email database or service just by recommending it on your website, blog or newsletter. There are no fees on your part. It’s an easy product to recommend because of its very high quality and great price.
  • All you have to do is to register an account and share with us how you will promote our website. You will receive a link to promote. Any sales that result gets you 40% commission. No extra work needed on your part!
  • We also provide our affiliates with high converting banner ads as well as email copies. Our products range from $99 to $999. The average sale amount is $300.
  • Our active affiliates typically achieve $2,000 of monthly commissions.
  • To get started, simply apply below and we’ll be in contact very shortly


Email Marketing

Want to be an affiliate for the NinjaEmails.com?

Listed below are some profiles of affiliates who have seen results from our affiliate program:

  • Affiliates who work with clients in the areas of sales and marketing
  • Affiliates who run an active website or blog with visitors
  • Affiliates who have a mailing list of business owners or sales professionals (e.g. property agents, financial planners)
  • Affiliates who are active content creators on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Affiliates who are already doing affiliate marketing
  • And most importantly, affiliates who are committed to earn from this program